A no-brainer?

As I was sitting above my Greek reading assignment, my eye caught a glance of Dr. Mack’s Homework Manual, part 1. Lian and I are attempting to work through that at the moment. The topic we just started is one that ranks seriously high on my personal list of ‘need-to-be-working’ absolutes: Communication.

In order to check what we are up against I quickly browsed the chapters dealing with Communication issues. I let my mind dwell on this a while and there it hit me: my greatest problem in communicating starts not with my selfless interest in someone else’s life. The solution is not found in point lists of “do’s and don’ts”. The issue begins with and finds a solution at my satisfaction in God.

Let me explain:

When I spent much time in Scripture and prayer, my soul is most satisfied in God. I am walking on the straight and narrow. I am where I must be at that moment. When I am not in either of both, or when I am nonchalant about my time with God then my soul is in a state of trouble and dissatisfaction.

Therefore, if I want to improve my communication levels with other people I need to firstly improve my communication level with my eternal Father. By not spending my time in the Word and prayer, I am being selfish. It is not just that I grief the Holy Spirit; it is not just that I am shortchanging my own life; but it is also inherently selfish towards my brothers and sisters. By abstaining from the source of life I not only hurt myself, but I also hurt and effect others.

Dear brother and sister, love your neighbor by improving your communication with them, improve your communication by becoming more satisfied and complete in Christ.

Where do I begin?

Come back to His Word, the double edged sword that pierces your soul, then pray for others and the forgiveness of your sins; then talk to your loved ones and find out who they are and what moves them.

Maybe it is just a no-brainer I stumbled upon. Maybe it helps someone else …

Your brother in love



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