The Pope and Peter

Catholic convictions are indeed correct in affirming that the Popes are in the line of Peter, the Apostle … well, at least in one regard this is now more true than ever.


Many people will have followed the whole issue of the comments the Pope made regarding Islam. Oh dear! And this in an age where absolutes are avoided and all we need to seek is a ‘dialogue’.

Peter, at times, is known (before the ascension of Christ) as the Apostle with a foot-shaped mouth because of his frequent and quick words. So, in the same way, the Pope has finally established a link to the Apostle Peter! It took a while, but at least there is some ground now for such a conviction (though not really ;-)).

However, he differs with Peter in this that he (the Pope) has actually implied something that is not far from being the truth (as common reaction showed), whereas Peter was at stages just saying stuff.

Anyway, just a quick musing for today.

God bless.



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