On being inappropriate …

“All we need is love” (the Beatles playing in the background). True. Specifically, there are two types of love that ought to define our lives: 1. The Love for God 2. The Love for our Neighbour. What we don’t need (but regularly display instead of the other two) is love for self.

Now, we have a Zeitgeist in these days that demands from us to be ‘loving’, respectful and appropriate. There is nothing wrong with that. It is even Scriptural and wrapped up in many passages, such as Mat 22:37-39, Phil 2:3, 1 Th 5:14, etc. We are to even love our enemies.

Does that now mean that I have bought into the post-modern, relativistic mush of political correctness? Does it mean that David, when he ranted about the God-haters and asked Him to destroy them, was sinning and in fact being selfish, small minded and malignant?

No! Of course not.

David was called ‘the man after God’s own heart’, despite him not being without sin. In this his was not sinful, he was more concerned about the glory of God’s name than about his reputation. He called a spade a spade. He called truth what it is, namely, truth.

The Oxford Learner’s dictionary as: “the truth the real facts about a situation, event or person”. So we are dealing with facts here. Truth cannot contradict itself. That is what is so insane about our current correctness: two mutually exclusive things cannot both be true at the same time!

 And yet, for the sake of being correct we throw away any reason, never mind biblical truths. There is a word which i have noted to be the word of this age: dialog.

Apparently this word transcends truth, because we are dialoging with Islam about our common (?) grounds, we dialog with Catholics about our common (?) faith. One thing that is common (!) in all of this is that some people seem to be convinced that there can be fellowship between light and darkness.

I want to note here that those people (most of the time) are in fact themselves in darkness; blind people speaking about the light. I am convinced that true biblical faith does not grope for common ground where there is none. We are obsessed with who God is and not with mushy humanistic hippieness.

The global village is not a mass orgie. The global village is a boiling pot filled with sinners and saints. Biblically there are only two type of people: children of Satan and children of God. If you belong to the former, you should turn away from yourself and the lie of worldy satisfaction. YOu should turn to Christ, your only hope. If you are of the later kind, join me in speaking the truth.

Speaking the truth means, nowadays, to be inappropriate. We are not called to be politically correct, but to speak the Word of God without adultery.



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  1. t,

    what about the world’s incorrect or incomplete definiton of love?

    also, i thought this was going to be a good post on love, but it turned in mid stream and ended up being about truth, which was also good, but the rest of us would get more out of it if you focused more on one subject

    Acts 20:32

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