fundamentally fundamental, or fundamentally accurate?

This is a question on my mind. In the past few weeks i got think a lot about what it really means to be a Christian. What set this all off was a spiritual hole i was in and got to contemplate about mediocrity and how easily we as ‘Christians’ settle for that.

“I just want to live a stable life, with a wife and kids and a good job, go to church each Sunday, be friendly and helpful.”

Is there anything wrong with that?

I think there is, if that is all you want.

It is (or most likely can be) centered in self-fulfillment and has got the secular label of comfort all over it. Let’s face it: in the absence of persecution we as Christians are more occupied with comfort than with the glory of God. I know i am (but maybe i am alone in this).

You should read the introduction to “Our Legacy” to get a good shaking up! That intro, “Contending for our all” and John 15 have left a lot of questions about my own spiritual walk. The question that seems to be on everybody’s mind is “how little can i give to Christ without falling off the bus?”.

I know that sounds a little drastic. But really, search yourself for a while and behold with wonder and fear how true that is to you.

What is it that occupies your thoughts? What measure do you use to make decisions in your life? What do you want your life to be like? What on earth does ‘Contra Mundum’ mean?

Is Christ really contending for our all, or is he happy with a ‘them’ and ‘us’ church? Do you also believe in a two class society when it comes to Christianity? Are you also convinced that, on the one hand, there are those that are called to ministry and super-spirituality (i.e. the pastor that fills himself so much that the others can feed of it) and, on the other, the rest?

Do you think you part of the rest? Do you look at your pastor (and other guys like MacArthur, Spurgeon or Pecadillo) as the suppliers for your spiritual highs?

I believe that this is not a correct view and actually makes for mediocrity. It is a view based on our entertainment driven society that makes us passive, mere information absorbers. No digging for gold here by the pews. That’s the pastor’s job!

We are all called to study His Word in depth. We are called to give our all for Christ. We are all entrusted with the ministry of reconciliation. We are to be branches bearing fruit and bearing much more fruit (NB: fruit != works).

Where are you in that? Sitting in between chairs?

So, i asked that question: are we to be fundamentally fundamental (i.e. are we to live extreme lives for Christ). The answer Dave gave was: we are to be fundamentally, extremely accurate with God’s Word.

Amen! I repent.

There will be more on this.

Grace and Peace
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One response to “fundamentally fundamental, or fundamentally accurate?

  1. Man, you’ve hit on something so evident in our “jump on the band-wagon” Christian culture. we’re so quick to enjoy the comfort of the early morning sun upon our backs while we lounge complacently in our pews; enjoying the weekly dose of theological rhetoric.
    What about sharing the gospel with the poor and the needy?
    What about walking as He walked? Serving others, loving the unlovable?

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