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update on Wayne

Thanks for those that prayed for Wayne. He is better again. The doctors couldn’t find any major problems with his heart. It might well have been a signal to slow things down a bit, he is 71 after all.

The Macks are doing fine, both are looking forward to have Josh come over in June, many of us do as well. He will be another great addition to our hall of great-examples-to-live-by.

If you need to pray for something, pray for their pool. It’s been a long and hard road thus far. 🙂

in Him


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praying for a giant…

for those that know Wayne and Carol Mack:

The Macks he has been admitted to hospital because of the possibility of a light heart attack having occurred.

please use your knees and ask his Maker to use him for some more powerful years. he is such a useful tool in God’s shed.

grace and peace

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