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Musicspotting #1

This will be the first of (hopefully) many entries on what i am currentlt listening to and what has caught my attention. I will included here suggestions mainly from my neverending search for God glorifying and soul edifying worship music. But there will also be a few suggestions of secular artists, who are just too good not to mention.

Enjoy the reading and listening.


  • Psalms – Sovereign Grace Music: as always a fantastic source for great, God centred, worship music. Some very sweet tunes again. Am still listening to it though. Nothing has yet stuck out for congregational worship (it will come), but many item songs.
  • Revelation – Third Day: the band that brought me over from Hardcore and worldly rock. Always a soft spot in my heart. This is their latest “offering” and i must say that i am enjoying it. Also still listening to it, but there is good stuff on it. Still not quite “Come together”, but better than the previous one (and that was not bad either). Have a listen.
  • The Gates of Gnomeria – Andy McKee: those who know him will agree that this guy is just one of the absolute best when it comes to acoustic guitar, fingering style, slapping … just brilliant stuff. This is the 3rd CD i own now. Not as overwhelming as “Art of Motion”, but still very good. Some extremely sweet melodies.
  • Where the light is – John Mayer: if you liked John Mayer’s style this DVD/CD will make you like him more. I appreciate this DVD so much because it really shows how talented this guy really is. His sound is so amazingly warm and hollow. It’s trenched in blues. There is a great cover of Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin”, you have never heard it that sweet!

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