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A reason for truth being written, not experienced

Sunday morning at church i got to speak to dear brother of ours who was diagnosed with cancer, some time ago. This brother was speaking about how his experience was of late. He had gone through a number of chemotherapies, and related to us the effects that has on one’s mind and body. Frightening really. You just have to hate sin when you see a man in full bloom being sucked dry of life.

At a previous occasion he told me about his struggle with his faith in this time of trial. After the first week of being diagnosed he was struggling with the “why” and “why me” question. His faith was being put under trial and tested by some fierce fire. Today, when he spoke to us (i was not alone), he seemed much stronger in his faith, but still in a struggle. We comforted and encouraged him.

The interesting part of our conversation was when he told us what effect the chemotherapy had on his emotions. He told us about the times when he just could not care less about anything anymore (including God). He lived in limbo land, his experience of life was seriously dampened. How did he retain his faith in this time of testing, standing beside himself?

The written Word of God.

We were able to rejoice together about the fact that whatever changes in a man’s head, the written Word of God never changes. It is a reflection of who He is, unfailing, undeceiving, unchanging.

I am so glad that truth is not brought by experience! This story he told us about his mind and emotions changing confirmed to me one thing i had already suspected: experience cannot be trusted. However we feel about God and truth is irrelevant because our feelings are like a granny on ice skates. In fact, if our Christian life was build on emotions and experience we would not make it far. Our hearts fickle and deceiving, but the written Word of God remains the same, for all days and as long as this earth keeps on revolving around the sun (less poetic but more accommodating to our scientific friends).

Take joy in the fact that God chose to reveal himself this way, and not through some emotional experience. It cannot be trusted. God’s written Word, however, can.

In Him.


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