Unbeatable children…

I have just finsihed reading a news item about the 2 year old boy they found in a fridge in Bremen, Germany. It is sick and sad, to say the least. Living in Africa, this is not shocking, however. News of this type are our daily bread here …

What caught my mind in this was the responds of the German Government, when they said they would step up their attempts to the planned “Frühwarnsystem zur Unterstützung vernachlässigter und misshandelter Kinder” (a system that alerts the authorities to abandonded and abused children).

Mein Kind ist unschlagbarKnowing the political and anti-Christian landscape there this surely includes disciplining your own. In fact, last year’s visit alerted me to some public posters that proudly read: “My child is unbeatable”. The image was a happy dad gently handling his kid while playing with him. The message is clear: do not discipline your children.

I have been a little out of step with the current affairs in my home country, but would really like to know if disciplining ones chidren is already a reportable offence. If not yet, it will be soon. Just consider the recent development on homeschooling!

It’s anti-authoritarian, anti-christian, anti-God and ant-life.

You don’t believe me? Go visit this beautiful country of mine and look at the youth and the schools. It’s a dog eat dog world. We are now reaping the results of disciplineless child rearing!

And it’s bound to get worse.

At the end, we (as upcoming parents) have to decide whether we follow God’s commands (i.e. choose life – Proverbs 13:24, 19:18, 22:15, 29:17) or whether we conform with this world (i.e. choose death for us and our offspring – Proverbs 5:21-23, 12:1).

God is sovereign over ever instance of our lives, surely, we don’t want to mock him …

in Christ



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